Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Blog - Stories, Stones, and Spirals

(Updated August 7, 2016)

Ah, the very first post has to highlight my favorite little butterfly.  She now finds herself in the banner for this blog, and she is extremely surprised about that.  The butterfly is in fact about 2.5 inches long, and has a three dimensional quality, with the wings up off the surface.  The pattern goes all the way back to 1977, from Artistry in Wood.  I have a lot of these older patterns, "ancient" books, and more, since I've been doing paper quilling since I was nine years old.  And it's been a while.

Here on this blog I hope to share lots of thoughts, history, ideas, patterns and more, for all sorts of crafts.  I love paper quilling and making jewelry, but I also make silk flower arrangements, do embroidery, create greeting cards, and, well, anything else that strikes my fancy.  Especially if it includes glitter.  I love comments, so please share your own ideas and thoughts there!

This butterfly was originally intended to be one of a trio, but the others have yet to be created.  And it's been about, oh, twenty years that this lil' lady has been around by herself.  So we'll see about that ...

Image Credit:  My butterfly, my picture.  Pattern: Artistry in Wood, 1977.

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