Saturday, August 8, 2015

Help with the Quilled Ornament Charity Project!

Carie Metcalf of Washington state is working on a quilling project for charity, and needs a bit of help from all the quillers she can reach.  She is creating a decorated Christmas tree for her local "Festival of Trees" with the theme "Quilling Around the World."  She needs 250 quilled ornaments of any kind, from everywhere, to put on the tree by October 15, 2015.  After the six-foot-tall tree is fully decorated, it will be auctioned off to support a hospital charity.

She particularly needs help from international quillers, but will gratefully accept a quilled ornament from anywhere.  For details on what she needs, and where and how to prepare and mail your quilling, email Carie at Carecat26 (at)  If you are a member of the North American Quilling Guild, you can also find details inside the Spring 2015 issue.

If you'd like to help out, but have never quilled before, you can check out this tutorial at, which shows how to make a simple quilled snowflake.  It even includes how to cut up a sheet of paper if you don't have access to special quilling paper!  Give it a try, and you may find you really love to quill, just like the rest of us :)  I'm also going to post the instructions for my own quilled Poinsettia Ornament that I will be sending to Carie, so keep your eyes open for that.

Image Credit:  Quilling Snowflake Decorations at

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