Friday, August 7, 2015

A Flowery Dilemma

Long ago I started work on a paper quilling border for a friend's wedding invitation.  It was a lovely invitation, in shades of ivory and pink, and I figured a bell and a number of flowers in the right shades would set it off nicely.  The project stalled for a while while I dealt with "life" and by the time I got back to it ... well, the couple wasn't a couple anymore.  (So this says something about the amount of time it takes me to do a project, or something about marriages.  Probably both :)

Anyway, here I show a smattering of the pieces I made for the quilled invitation.  I've kept them for more than a decade, wondering what to do with them.  It feels a little strange to use them for some other project when their original project ended so, um, poorly.  (Not that I'm superstitious.)  Still, I don't like to waste, and this is perfectly good quilling.

Ever been in this strange position?  How do you put the quilling to good use?  I'm thinking I'll break up the set completely and just use bits and pieces here and there ... it's the best idea that I have.

Image Credit:  My pic of my quilling.

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